We represent individuals who believe they may be under investigation or who have been charged with any form of criminal offense (including driving offenses and immediate roadside prohibitions). We also process applications for admission into the United States for anyone who has been denied entry because of a past arrest, conviction, or mental health issue.

If you have been detained, arrested, or believe that you are under investigation for any reason, you should seek legal counsel right away. The choices you make in this critical instant can have lasting effects. The police have a job to do and once you are a “person of interest” in an investigation, their job is not to clear you – no matter how much they claim otherwise – their job is to gather evidence against you and police are allowed to lie to you to make that happen. Do not ask the police if you need a lawyer – this is like asking an insurance salesperson if you require insurance. If you are detained for any reason you have a right to a lawyer – without delay. Do not worry about “looking guilty” If the police are questioning you they most probably already believe you are guilty. Do not consent to a search under any circumstances and assert your legal right to speak to a lawyer.

We are here to help you. If you have been charged with an offense, or you believe you are under investigation, call us for a free consultation.