Jerry Steele

Steele Law is a criminal and civil litigation law firm located in Victoria, British Columbia. We find effective solutions to our clients’ problems whether they have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall, or from using defective products. We also aggressively defend individuals who may be under investigation by the police, facing any form of criminal prosecution including driving offenses, or require an arrest or conviction record sealed.

At Steele Law we have a very high success rate in helping individuals legally enter the United States who have been denied entry due to a serious arrest record or criminal conviction history.

Don’t go it alone! Insurance companies, government agencies and corporations all have lawyers working for them. You should too. At Steele Law we have extensive conflict resolution experience and are frequently able to negotiate a favorable settlement for our clients. However, we will aggressively fight for your rights when necessary and ensure that you to get the compensation level that you deserve. Whether you have been injured in an accident or you are defending against state action in a criminal matter, we have you covered. Let us help you.

At Steele Law we are passionate about standing up for your rights. Jerry Steele is a former ICBC Defense Lawyer who knows all too well exactly what big corporations, insurance companies, and their lawyers will resort to so that they do not have to pay you. If you have been injured in an accident let us put our knowledge to work for you.

Prior to his legal career, Jerry worked as a mental health professional with the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority where he advocated for persons suffering with addictions, mental health, and other issues.  His experience in health care and in accident claims ensures you will receive compassionate and vigorous representation.