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Steele Law is a criminal and civil litigation law firm located in Victoria, British Columbia. We find effective solutions to our clients’ problems whether they have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall, or from using defective products. We also aggressively defend individuals who may be under investigation by the police, facing any form of criminal prosecution including driving offenses, or require an arrest or conviction record sealed. At Steele Law we have a very high success rate in helping individuals legally enter the United States who have been denied entry due to a serious arrest record or criminal conviction history.

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Jerry Steele Lawyer

Personal Injury

At Steele Law we represent individuals who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, and from using defective products. We only represent injured individuals and never act for insurance companies. In most cases we collect a percentage of what we recover for you. You do not pay anything up front.

Your recovery is our first priority. If we take on your case, we will work tirelessly to make sure that you receive the level of care you need and the compensation you deserve. Don’t deny yourself the right to the maximum compensation you are allowed under the law. Don’t talk to ICBC – or any other Insurance company – without speaking to a lawyer first! (more…)

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Criminal Defense

We represent individuals who believe they may be under investigation or who have been charged with any form of criminal offense (including driving offenses and immediate roadside prohibitions). We also process applications for admission into the United States for anyone who has been denied entry because of a past arrest, conviction, or mental health issue.

If you have been detained, arrested, or believe that you are under investigation for any reason, you should seek legal counsel right away. (more…)

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Employment & Wrongful Dismissal

If you have been terminated from your employment without just cause in British Columbia then you are entitled to receive reasonable notice of termination or pay in lieu of that reasonable notice.

The length of notice or pay you are entitled to will depend on the specific facts of your case. The length of your employment, your age at the time of termination, and the availability of alternate suitable employment have all been held by the courts as significant factors to consider when awarding damages for failing to provide reasonable notice. The Employment Standards Act of British Columbia sets out the minimum obligations that an employer must pay upon termination of an employee without cause. (more…)

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Waivers, Crossing the Border

If you have been arrested or detained by police or you have been convicted of a criminal offense (even if you have been charged and found not guilty) then you may have been denied entry into the United States. In recent years crossing the border with an arrest record or criminal history has become perilous. Furthermore non-US Citizens are routinely refused entry if they have used illegal drugs or have suffered from past mental or physical health issues.

Fortunately, it is possible for most people to overcome their history and regain admissibility into the United States – provided it is handled properly.  (more…)

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Jerry knows how it feels to be the victim of ICBC’s low-ball tactics – AND he knows how to stand up to them! I was knocked off my motorbike by a driver and Jerry was there for me every step of the way – I am so grateful my friend gave me Jerry’s number before ICBC called me! — J.L

Jerry can be trusted to manage your personal injury case with both competence and empathy. He doesn’t ‘talk down’ to people or use confusing legal mumbo jumbo – he is who you want on your side if you are in an accident. I wholeheartedly recommend Steele Law. — M.B.

When I broke my ankle tripping on raised asphalt outside the shopping centre, I am grateful I called Jerry. He is patient, competent, no-nonsense and gave me practical advice that I could follow from beginning to end. He didn’t charge me a dime for the consultation and was always helpful and never pushy. I was nervous about hiring a lawyer but I am very confident having him represent me. — D.C.